Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Squash Ideas

Phew, so much time on my hands that I'm forgetting about my to do list! Funny how that happens. If that to do list gets away from me the day becomes a black hole. First item on the list - find a job... check! Second item on the list - cook up that summer squash that is growing like crazy in the backyard... check! Third item - blog it... well that has taken a bit too long, so here are some fun ideas if you like to eat summer squash.

The first item I threw together is a quick pan fry of baby squash, ghee and mint. Yes, mint. It was pretty delicious! If you are a beginner in the kitchen, ghee and mint are great starts! They taste so wonderful on their own that you should have confidence that they will taste just as delicious together when paired with some summer squash.

No mint on hand? Try dill. No dill? Try basil... get the picture? Herbs are a cook's best friend (that and butter). Don't be shy!

Baby Squash Saute - Working Girl's Version
1 lb baby summer squash sliced about a 1/4 '' thick
3 tbsp Ghee
2 tbsp diced mint leaves
(crumbled goat cheese is the secret ingredient)

Begin to melt the ghee on medium heat. Toss in the summer squash and let it sizzle for about 5 minutes. Stir in the mint with the stove still at medium heat. I like to caramelize my squash a little so tend to keep it on the pan a little longer. Once cooked through, add to a bowl and sprinkle some crumbled goat cheese on top for fun.

Next installment of summer squash coming soon! Egg white and squash frittata ... for my healthy friends.

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