Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Over the past couple weeks I just haven't been able to get a break from this lingering cold. Starting with a cough three weeks ago, it has now showed up in the form of a sore throat. Double ugh. The worst part is I've had to take time off from work, something I'm not too fond of doing, especially when it's considered a "sick day." I'd much rather have the opportunity to call it a "personal day," a day full of adventure and excitement with shopping or hiking on a weekday. Instead, I'm couch surfing with Oprah and my Antioxidant Green Tea.

So with lots of time on my hands, I've begun to think about Thanksgiving, a wonderful holiday that is just around the corner. Last year my obsession for the holidays was healthy and natural ingredients. Anyone who cooks sans sugar or sans white flour understands the difficulty to get flavors and textures perfected. Something that I stay true to is cooking with the freshest and purest ingredients, for example, relying on the flavor of the sweet potatoes, not the marshmallows. This holiday season, however, is going to be decadent! Starting with a quick cooking class at Lets Get Cooking, the itinerary for this class is quite gourmet. In the mean time, here are some healthier recipes that may work great for your Thanksgiving dinner. . .