Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rest in Peace, Gourmet

The economy has definitely gone bust as one of the nation's oldest culinary magazines is saying goodbye... Gourmet Magazine.

Ahhh . . . The memories of sifting through these monthly subscriptions as a little girl were forefront on my mind after I read the sad decision by Conde Naste. At my office I couldn't help but contemplate, why Gourmet? As a food blogger you are immersed in a community where people absolutely love food . . . cooking, eating, photographing, illustrating, musing, conversing food. But then I'm taken aback and realize could this, the internet, be why Conde Naste would choose Gourmet to walk the plank? In the midst of the quick click, selective reading, and opinionated lifestyles that we live can we no longer enjoy the old school magazines like Gourmet? Are they going out of style? Or is this the next step to something better?

Whatever it is, I vow to hold on tight to my subscription of Bon Appetit. I will dog ear every page I find to be inspiring and post-it every recipe worth trying. I will savor the photography and amuse myself with the content. I will never take it for granted.


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