Saturday, December 20, 2008

Just a Post

Since emerging from Stanford undergrad and shoved into the real world, I always found great release from my day job while cooking in my kitchen. This included prepping lunches for the weekdays as well as cooking dinner on weeknights. Going out to eat was fun but also a chore during the work week. If I had a choice, I chose to cook. Not until moving to San Francisco did I realized that I always cooked. Get home late from work? Cooking was easier than trying to find a place to order out. Brunch on the weekend? I’d rather make my own pancakes and eggs, they always tasted better.

The kitchen is where I experiment with flavors, aromas and colors. It’s an opportunity to unwind and be myself. However, the ups have their downs. This little hobby of mine at times gets expensive. Shopping at Whole Foods doesn’t work anymore when you are paying out of your you know what for rent, on top of silly bills. Oh those silly bills… My solution has become my motto - simplicity. Simple ingredients & simple steps with a twist thrown in here and there never seems to fail.

Through this blog I hope to pass along some helpful tips from my kitchen to yours. Because supporting yourself when you have good taste gets tough, especially for the working girl ;-)
**This is Miss Kitty, my fav Bun

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