Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Going Local

Change is always a good thing; unfortunately I feel as though I’ve been changing something every year. Ehem, locationally speaking.

However, with each new City I’ve gained a sense of curiosity and discovery, making each City my own. These new traits have inspired me to discover Ventura, the small, quiet town I grew up in. This was a City that never wavered to change, that is, until I moved away.

One place in particular is Main Street. Downtown housed only a highly flammable costume shop (how could anyone forget Bonnies), which did in fact almost burn down. Now, Downtown Main Street stretches a couple blocks showcasing clothing boutiques, wine bars, restaurants and spas! Que paso!? Gotta love progress.

Some of my new favorite places are Mary’s Secret Garden, Paradise Pantry, Brook’s Restaurant & Sidecar Restaurant.

I hope to use this blog as a place of reference for anyone interested in visiting Ventura. Reviews are so fun to write!


Karen Martell said...

Hey Lisa,

What was the name of that wine bar/restaurant we went to two years back? I still remember that meal - delicious!

Looking forward to reading more....


Lisa Engel said...

It's called Westside Cellars... I haven't been there since they switched owners. The chef from WC actually opened her own wine shop, Paradise Pantry :)... one of my favs!